Wisdom Tooth Extractions – Newark, CA

Finding Relief from Painful Wisdom Teeth

Young adults smiling together after wisdom tooth extractions in Newark

The wisdom teeth tend to come in much later than the other teeth, which means they often don’t have the room they need to erupt properly. If your wisdom teeth are impacted, causing you discomfort, and/or are at risk of damaging your other teeth, it’s often best to have them removed as soon as possible. Please call our team at Newpark Mall Family Dental Group if anyone in your family is around the age when the wisdom teeth normally appear; we can help you determine whether wisdom tooth extractions in Newark are truly necessary.

Why Choose Newpark Mall Family Dental Group for Wisdom Tooth Extractions?

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The Wisdom Tooth Extraction Process

Dentist holding an extracted tooth in a gloved hand

Wisdom tooth extractions can either be simple or surgical. Simple extractions are for fully erupted teeth. All we need to do is use special instruments to loosen the tooth before removing it with forceps. Surgical extractions are necessary when a wisdom tooth is impacted. An incision needs to be made in the gums so that the tooth can be accessed. During the extraction process, it may be necessary to break the tooth into smaller pieces, which can be taken out individually. During your initial consultation, our team members can give you an overview of what the wisdom tooth extraction process will look like in your case.