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Recompleting Your Smile After Teeth Have Been Lost

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The idea of losing any number of teeth is not a fun one; even a single gap can make eating and speaking more difficult, and you’re likely to feel self-conscious about the gap in your grin. Our team at Newpark Mall Family Dental Group wants you to be able to enjoy life with a complete smile, so if you are missing any teeth, please call and let us know right away. After carefully considering your situation, we can determine whether a dental bridge, a denture, or a dental implant is the best choice for filling the space and replacing your missing teeth in Newark.


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Dental Bridges

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Are you looking for a traditional way to replace one tooth or at least two consecutive teeth? Dental bridges are a time-tested solution for patients with gaps in their grins. A single dental bridge consists of a pair of crowns that have one or more artificial teeth called pontics between them. The pontics are what will ultimately act as your new teeth. Meanwhile, the crowns can keep the entire bridge anchored in place. Note that to receive a bridge, the teeth next to the gap need to be in good enough shape to give the prosthesis the support it needs.

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The idea of replacing multiple teeth at once can seem daunting on the surface. However, full dentures give you an easy way to replace an entire arch of missing teeth in one fell swoop. In cases where only some of your teeth are missing, you can get a partial denture that fits into the gaps like a puzzle piece; note that partial dentures often come with clasps that help them stay in place. Full dentures and partial dentures are both removable; you should plan on taking them out on a regular basis so that you can clean them.

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Dental Implants

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If you want your replacement teeth to look, feel, and act as much like natural teeth as possible, dental implants are often your best option. They are the only form of tooth replacement that can mimic the function of tooth roots; this means that they will stimulate your jaw whenever you bite and chew, thus preventing the loss of bone that is typically a consequence of missing teeth. Our team can handle every step of the dental implant process in-office. If you want to know if you might be a candidate for dental implants, you can take the first step and schedule a consultation with us.

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