Cosmetic Dentist – Newark, CA

Creating a More Dazzling Grin

Group of adults smiling together after cosmetic dentistry in Newark

A beautiful smile can have a significant impact on your confidence, and it is an invaluable tool for making the best possible first impression when it counts the most. If you have been feeling unhappy with the way that your teeth look for whatever reason, our team at Newpark Mall Family Dental Group is ready to help with cosmetic dentistry in Newark! Feel free to call and schedule a consultation with us so that we can discuss your smile goals and figure out which cosmetic dentistry treatments are the best choice for creating the grin of your dreams.


Why Choose Newpark Mall Family Dental Group for Cosmetic Dentistry?

  • Natural-Looking, Durable Veneers
  • Dazzling In-Office Whitening
  • Modern Technology for Planning Smile Transformations



Young woman getting dental veneers from her cosmetic dentist

Sometimes there may be more than one type of cosmetic dental issue that you want to correct, such as a minor crack, a discolored spot that won’t go away, or teeth that are spaced just a little too far apart. Veneers can be used to correct these and various other problems all at once. They are designed to match the appearance of your natural enamel, and they can be placed over specific teeth in order to hide the imperfections that are bothering you.

Metal-Free Dental Restorations

Several dental crowns and veneers on table next to dental mirrors

When you’re told that you need a crown to repair or protect your tooth, you may be expecting a piece of metal that will be all too obvious whenever people see your smile. However, our team at Newpark Mall Family Dental Group has a much more image-friendly solution in the form of metal-free restorations. With a crown made out of porcelain and zirconia, we can make it look as though your tooth was never damaged in the first place. And don’t worry about the quality of the restoration; metal-free crowns are as reliable as they are beautiful, often able to last for 15 years or longer.

Direct Bonding

Close up of dental patient getting direct bonding on upper front tooth

When you have extensive changes that you want to make to your smile, veneers are typically the cosmetic dentistry treatment of choice. But what if you only have one or two corrections in mind? In this type of situation, direct bonding may be the best option. We can simply hide the minor flaws on your teeth with a small amount of expertly shaded and sculpted composite resin. Direct bonding can often be completed in just one appointment, and it tends to be more affordable compared to other cosmetic options.

Teeth Whitening

Man in dental chair getting professional teeth whitening

It can be difficult to prevent your teeth from becoming discolored over the years, especially if you’re in the habit of enjoying coffee or other dark-colored beverages on a regular basis. Professional teeth whitening can help get rid of the stains that have appeared on your enamel, thus significantly brightening your smile. An in-office whitening procedure often only takes about an hour, making it a great option for anyone who wants their grin to look its best for an important event in the near future.

Gum Recontouring/Crown Lengthening

Close up of smile before and after gummy smile correction

Take a close look at yourself in the mirror; how much gum tissue can you see when you pull back your lips to smile? If the answer is “more than two millimeters”, you have what’s known as a gummy smile. This particular cosmetic issue can be corrected with a procedure known as gum recontouring, which involves removing unneeded gum tissue from specific areas. The goal is to create an even, balanced gumline that won’t draw too much attention away from your dazzling teeth.

Virtual Smile Design

Man pointing to computer screen showing smile with flawless teeth

The idea of improving your smile with cosmetic dentistry certainly sounds wonderful, but how can you be sure that you’ll be satisfied with the results? With our virtual smile design software, we can give you a glimpse at what your smile will look like after veneers, teeth whitening, or any other cosmetic dentistry procedures that you may be considering. Having a realistic idea of what you can expect can help you feel a lot more confident when you’re figuring out which treatments to pursue.

Smile Makeovers

Woman in dental chair admiring her smile in mirror

Sometimes it takes more than one cosmetic dental procedure to get the results you want. A smile makeover combines a number of treatments that have been carefully chosen according to the patient’s goals. We will walk you through the various options, explain the details of each treatment that is being considered (including how much you can expect them to cost and how long they will likely take), and work with you to put together your unique smile makeover plan.