Root Canal Treatment – Newark, CA

Putting a Stop to Tooth Pain

Family of four smiling on couch after root canal treatment in Newark

During its early stages, tooth decay can often be resolved with a filling. However, if a cavity is ignored for too long, it can lead to an infection of the pulp, resulting in a painful toothache. If you want to find relief from your discomfort without losing the tooth in question, your best option is to call Newpark Mall Family Dental Group. In many cases, it will be possible for us to resolve the issue with root canal treatment in Newark. This procedure is nowhere near as painful as many people believe, and it is often the key to keeping your natural smile intact.

Why Choose Newpark Mall Family Dental Group for Root Canal Treatment?

  • A Dental Team That Cares
  • Nitrous Oxide and Oral Conscious Sedation
  • Practice That Uses the Latest Technology

What Happens During a Root Canal?

Illustrated dental instrument cleaning inside of tooth during root canal treatment

Your comfort is always a priority, so we’ll begin the root canal process by applying a local anesthetic to the area in question. We will also place a dental dam to make sure that your saliva doesn’t get in the way during the treatment.

When we’re ready to begin the root canal process, we will create a small opening in the tooth. The pulp and any other infectious material will be taken out, and the inside of the tooth will be sterilized. The tooth will be filled with a biocompatible material, and you can expect to have it restored with a dental crown at some point.